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WHY Is Having A Blog So Important To Your Success Online?

This is a very good question that many do not have the answer to just yet. I personally did not know myself about how important blogging was to my online success either until just a while ago. I was fortunate enough to achieve a decent amount of success through many other venues online since the beginning of my Home Business but not at all compared to now having my own blog and the knowledge that comes along with it!

When I started my venture into the “Blog World”… I was actually a bit frightened as to what it would take and what it was all about. I spent about a year debating if I should enter into the Blogging World or if it was just too much of a hassle for what it was worth. So, in all honesty I kept going along the same path that I was so very used to online. I am very surprised when I look back as this is not at all my personality because I have always been so adventurous and excited about learning new ways to market and grow. But with that said I felt like I knew what worked and I was sticking to it. Well, I was WRONG….

The marketing strategies and ways that I was so used to online started becoming a bit saturated… Okay, I am being nice… WAY TOO SATURATED! (I am guessing many of you reading this can definitely agree and are probably in the same position I was not too long ago). As many of my marketing strategies that were bringing me in many leads daily started dwindling down, I started gearing more and more towards blogging and NEW WAYS to market! If you asked me a year ago, I would have had NO CLUE as to everything I know now… I was AMAZED to what I have learned in such a short amount of time that is actually in my opinion the key to success online…

And that KEY TO SUCCESS Online is…

Owning Your VERY OWN BLOG and all the perks that come along with it!!!!

Okay… Okay… Now this is where you are saying… come on Jenn, spill the beans… we want to know WHY and HOW owning our own blog can benefit us…

Well, I will tell you exactly WHY and HOW right now!

WHY is having a Blog so IMPORTANT to your Online Success? Number one… it allows you to BRAND YOURSELF as a Leader, Entrepreneur and Coach. This is so very crucial to your online success in many aspects:

  • First: You allow others to build a trust in you, who you are and what you share.
  • Second: You show your knowledge, experience and leadership.
  • Third: You give them exactly who they will end up having as a Mentor before they even join.

So as you can see these three simple factors can truly change your results extremely by just sharing  and helping others. When you have a blog full of content, resources, training, information, etc. that truly benefits someone… they will come back very often and many of them will want to do what you are doing! They will want to have a Mentor who has proven their success, knowledge and expertise.

Think of it this way… say you are the person searching for the “right opportunity”… you now had two websites in front of you with two different types of people and information. One is just a landing page that is saying “Work at Home, Make Money from your Computer.. Enter your Info here” and then you have one that has content full of value, resources and context that can truly help you and benefit you… and on this second website there is an area to learn more about what that person is doing from home after they have proven to you what they know and their success. Which would you choose? Would you go with the one that has all the hype and no details on who that person is or would you go with the one who KNOWS what they are doing?

I think we all know the answer to this one… of course we would choose the one who is sharing value! So simply put… The WHY is as easy to understand as 1, 2, 3… Value, Resources and Knowledge equal a much higher response verses a blah landing page that gives nothing in aspect to who they will be working with!

Now let us move on to HOW owning your very own Blog can bring in more leads than you ever dreamed of…

Content. Your Blog Content is a HUGE part of your success in the Blogging World. When you provide consistent content with in your blog, that then attracts the spiders through online search engines and feeds to pull at the information on your blog… you then achieve higher page rankings. Bringing it higher and higher with in search engines.

Some great examples To Create Your Blog Content are provided by a good friend of mine, Amanda-Marie! She offers many ideas here:

Your Blog Content:10 Fresh Ideas To Keep Your Readers Wanting More(Pt. 1)

Your Blog Content:10 Fresh Ideas To Keep Your Readers Wanting More(Pt. 2)

Unique. Unique. Unique. When you have a blog that is branding you and your knowledge. It is completely different from what other blogs and websites are sharing as it is YOUR BLOG and YOUR WRITING. When there is value and context to what you share that provides the unique variety that the search engines are looking for. With that said you will want to ensure you are searching and learning about keywords and how they can truly benefit you, how to write great posts and attract new readers consistently.

Building a List. Every successful Blogger and Online Marketer will tell you it is all in your list. A blog gives you that opportunity to build a true list of followers and readers. This in return will build your prospects, sales or whatever you decide to promote and share. As they get to know you, what you share and how successful you become… they will now become dedicated to what you do and learning from you.

This has the power of marketing anything you want to. No matter if you are recruiting New Team Members for a Home Business, Promoting a Affiliate Program or simply trying to grow online through page ranking and alexa. You will have the power in your hands to achieve higher numbers and income that you ever thought possible!

So there you go… WHY and HOW Blogging can truly transform your Online Success… Now it is your turn, please share any feedback, questions or comments below. I always love to hear from you! In addition if you feel this post has helped or benefit you in anyway, please pass it along to your social site friends below.. Twitter, Facebook, Digg… whatever your heart desires. I truly appreciate it!


Jennifer Garland 5:34 pm - 8th June:

Wow, your blog has really put some ideas in my head. I would like to know some more on this subject. Please keep writing.


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Jennifer! So happy that it has brought you more ideas. I will definitely be sharing much more on this subject so bookmark and stay tuned!

Truly appreciate the feedback… have a beautiful day!


Beth Hewitt 3:03 pm - 23rd June:

Hey Jenn,

So glad you didn’t procrastinate a second longer and got your blog up and running, the benefits are massive. I couldn’t imagine my life without mine now.

Every serious entrepreneur should have one, I love the fact that you can be as creative as you like and attract people who are interested in the same things from all over the world.

I look forward to reading more from you,
Beth :)
Beth Hewitt recently posted..Day 4 and 5 Blog Content Challenge – Never Give Up


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Beth! I am so glad I did not either! I now can see why you couldn’t imagine your life without yours. It opens up so many doors and provides such a benefit to your online success. I definitely agree that every Entrepreneur should have one… it is basically doing what you love while earning an income. Nothing can beat that!

Thank you so much for your feedback and input… truly appreciated!


Jiri Majkus 6:07 am - 25th June:

Great post Jennifer,

I think that blog is essential in todays market and you describe very well why it is importnat, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend,

Jiri Majkus
Internet Marketing Coach and Author
Jiri Majkus recently posted..10 Minutes of Work and 164 Leads For My Online Home Based Business?


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Jiri! I definitely agree that if you truly want to be successful online with whatever type of Home Business, Product or Service you are a part of you must have a blog. It is very essential to your success!

Thanks for your feedback and visiting my blog. Truly appreciate it!


Roz Pearcy 7:31 am - 16th September:

I’m glad you didn’t procrastinate on this because if you did I wouldn’t have had a clue about this! Once people see the value of branding yourself there is absolutely NO turning back from it. Thanks for the great post Jenn!
Roz Pearcy recently posted..Help With Your Work At Home Search Video 1 of 3- Your Mentality in Your Work at Home Search


Jennifer May Reply:

@Roz Awww.. me too girl! The value in personal branding will pay you for a lifetime! :)


Wendy Rahilly 7:16 am - 14th January:

Hi Jenn,

I too was one of those marketers doing things the “old school” way. I do believe it was YOU that inspired me to start blogging. :-)

I’m glad I did, I absolutely love it and it is a total blast as well. This was a great post I think many are going to benefit from. Thanks for sharing as always.

Take Care!

~ Wendy
Wendy Rahilly recently posted..Connecting With Your Own Divine Guidance


Shaylee 8:59 am - 8th April:

Jenn, amazing post!

Another great point is that you have control of your own content too! But most importantly. like you said, it will help brand yourself as a leader which is most important!

Shaylee recently posted..Making “Automation” Work Better For You!



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