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Top 7 Tips To Successful Results When Growing Your Opportunity Online

So did you just start your venture on a new Home Business or Opportunity? Have you been working non stop for months or years and feel like you are not getting anywhere? In many cases most do not know what it really takes to make it happen and become successful with a Home Business or Opportunity. Over and over again people try different companies, services or products to represent and feel like they are not getting anywhere… but do not honestly know what they need to put into it to make it successful. Not understanding that it is not so much the company but what it takes to build a business online.

Always remember your first couple of years will be the hardest, you will have to pay a price either way in way in life. Now it is up to you… Do you want to Pay the Price for Failure or do you want to Pay the Price for Success?  Either way you will be paying a price… Just keep in mind that anything in life that brings success will take hard work, heart, dedication, determination and drive.  It will not always be easy! You have to be willing NOT to give up and to put your ALL into youreverything you do no matter what Obstacle, Wall or Hard Time comes in your way.

A few main keys to remember when growing your Home Based Business are…

Personal Growth / Development: Always work on Personal Development daily. This will teach you to stay positive and focused when growing your home based business. As we will have many obstacles and walls we face while growing it. This will keep you on the right track to knowing what you are doing each day will help you grow, even if it is not happening as quickly as you want it to.

Numbers Game: When working online (or even offline) marketing your home based business you must remember it is a numbers game.You have to be consistent daily and you must put in the numbers. Quanity will bring the quality. The more you plant your seeds the more response you will get, which leads to more growth in your business or opportunity.

Be Open Minded: You must be willing to always grow with the times and keep open minded to learning new things consistently as it will always be changing and growing. A great way to grow quickly is through internet marketing. Which is a huge benefit to growing your home based business successfully. So you will want to always try new things and new popular ways of working online. There will always be a new site to work on… just put in the time to find those sites and learn how to work them to your benefit.

Trial and Error: Not everything will work or work for you. Something’s that other’s are good at might not be your forte so make sure you find what works for you and that you enjoy. Once you find what works for you.. stick with it on a daily basis while adding in others. Give it time and do not give up on the first try, it takes time and consistency to understand how to grow your home based business and work online.

Consistency: You must be consistent daily building your business and planting your seeds. Choose 3 to 6 ways to grow your business online or offline and stick with them everyday. Make sure you are doing the tasks on those sites or local areas daily that you need to be doing to get the results you want. Remember… Small amount of tasks equals small responses… Large amount of tasks equals large responses.

Give it Time: When working your sites online (or working offline) it will not happen overnight. You will want to be consistent daily and remember it takes time to build on these sites. In many cases if you educate yourself and learn quickly how to successfully work online marketing to grow your business, you can achieve great success much quicker. So, never doubt the possibilities you do have.

Snowball Effect: If you are consistently marketing and planting your seeds each and everyday it will start taking on a life of it’s own. This means that not only are you growing your business as you work but you are also growing the websites you are on. People will get to know who you are, what you represent and will hold on to your information which can benefit you years down the road. Many have to see something 7 to 10 times before really looking into it or wanting to join, so make sure you know that everytime you plant a seed it is worth it. Consistent, daily work will equal the snowball effect.

As many say Quanity to get the Quality… know that you have it in you to make it happen. Work on personal development each and everday. Be willing to overcome any obstacle, wall or boundary that comes in your way and become unstoppable. Growing a Home Based Business is not always going to be easy but it will be worth it. Working 2 to 4 years smart for YOUR dreams to come true is a whole lot better than working 40 years for 40+ hours a week hard for someone else’s dreams to come true. Choose your passion and follow your heart… it will be a success as long as YOU make it happen!

So what do you think? Share any comments or feedback below! Sharing is caring… this might benefit your facebook, twitter or social site friends.. share it with them below also. I truly do appreciate it! Thanks!


Mary D 1:47 pm - 8th June:

Great info. I need to print it and post it at my desk to remind me every day to keep at it!


Jennifer May Reply:

Happy you enjoyed it Mary! Stay focused and inspired… you will reach your dreams and goals! :)


Jon Ochs 11:09 am - 19th July:

Another great post Jenn!

I especially appreciate what you said about consistency. I think this is often overlooked by many.
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Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Jon! Definitely is overlooked by many and is something that is the BASE to our success! (Just like the book The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.. just that little bit each day changes everything! Thanks for the contribution, truly appreciate it! :)


Santo Shirakawa 1:16 am - 25th July:

This is this kind of a terrific resource that you’re providing and you give it away for no cost. I get pleasure from seeing web sites that understand the worth of delivering a prime resource for cost-free. I really loved reading your post. Thanks!


Jennifer May Reply:

@Santo Thank you!!!


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