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“Thought. Word. Deed”… Manifesting Your Reality To EXACTLY How You Envision It

Over the last few months I have had an incredible life transformation. In every aspect of my life, on every level I have become basically who I really am. Let me clarify…

Through the process of Thought, Word, Deed I now have literally brought many goals, dreams and desires to reality. On a much deeper level of “affirmations” love, light and destiny have become fore front and I was able to RELEASE many fears, people and heartache out of my life. This powerful process brought immense amounts of joy, love, happiness and peace.

As it is still a journey and always will be (that is the entire purpose of life, to LOVE the journey and be PRESENT within it)… I felt compelled to share this amazing but simple 4 step process with you. Oh yeah and a little extra bonus tip at the end.

Here is my view and guidance regarding Thought, Word, Deed:

So how do you feel my friend? Do you follow the thought, word, deed process? What are the amazing transformations that happened in your life from this process? Please share below your own thoughts on these steps and any feedback. Always appreciated!

Also, if you enjoyed this please make sure to share to your networks on social media, lists, etc. It is a message that needs to become an awareness especially with how the world is changing at this moment…


Ryan Yokome | Authentic Inspiration 8:19 pm - 4th February:

Hey Jenn, wicked video. I totally agree we are the creator of our thoughts and we can choose what we desire to think. Lovin’ the video lately!


Sherry Malcom 9:57 pm - 4th February:

Awesome post and video from my wonderful friend and mentor. You ROCK Jenn! I tweeted this out for you girl. =)
Sherry Malcom recently posted..“The Great Wall Of Fear” And How To Break Through It


April 8:44 am - 5th February:

You are soo right Jenn!! You have to feel it with in! Know that you are the definition of success.. Thanks for sharing :)


Wendy Hewlett 11:49 am - 7th February:

I am … incredibly grateful to have such amazing and beautiful people in my life!! Great video Jenn! I really love the “I am” tip. It really makes it easy to bring your desires into the present … as if you have already achieved them.
Powerful stuff Jenn!

Wendy Hewlett recently posted..Getting Started in Network Marketing – Module 2


Regina Sanders 1:34 pm - 7th February:

Great video Jen! Thanks for all of the advice you give us!


Justine Simard 1:43 am - 9th February:

Hi Jenn,

Wonderful video and such an empowering message. One vital thing you mention here is that creating positive thoughts that will allow for success is a HABIT! And reversely, the habit can also be to produce limiting and negative thoughts. We often don’t notice habits and how they impact on our outcomes, until we really put some focus on this. So indeed, we must actively reflect on our thoughts and change the ones that will not create and allow for what we truly desire!
Loved the last tip as well! From now on, I don’t WANT anything… I AM!
Thank you for inspiring me!
Justine Simard recently posted..Marketing For Your Online Business – Stop Spreading Yourself Thin!


Karen Marrow 11:05 am - 9th February:


I definitely agree with you. We do create our thoughts. When they are unconscious, it becomes very difficult to change them. I have found that meditation allows us to become more the observer of our thoughts and allow us to become aware of what we are doing so that we can change.

Great post, Jenn!!!



Delicia Jenkins 8:27 pm - 9th February:

Great great post Jenn as usual! I’ve been studying the power of thoughts more than you ever would know in the past couple of months and it’s sooo amazing how we control the positive and negative that surrounds us. I can speak all day on this topic on what I’m learning, but I won’t here. Thanks so much for sharing, I really believe that this post was created from our recent discussion. I love it. Keep shining my friend :-)
Delicia Jenkins recently posted..How To Define Happiness


Susan Jackson 9:44 pm - 9th February:

This Jen that your speaking of is very similar to my Christian beliefs where as I believe when the Bible says the power of life and death are in the tongue. I fully believe you can manifest what you speak. So I try to be careful of my words and try to speak positive. Also my mind and my thoughts have in the past been my worst enemy. I try now to focus my mind on whats good for me and productive and positive, so that will manifest in my life.
Susan Jackson recently posted..Jar art who would of known it would be so relaxing and so cute!


Vicki Berry 8:51 am - 10th February:

Hi Jen!

Great message here! If people only realized the power of their own thoughts, and the total control they have over those thoughts, they can change their destiny and fortune. Outside forces only happen TO us not IN us. What matters most is how we react to them. If we take that control, we can shape our own futures, just as you portrayed here! Thanks so much for sharing something so important!

Wishing You Powerful Success,
Vicki Berry recently posted..The New CEO


Erika Olson 1:25 pm - 11th February:

Hi Jenn,

As you said, many people hit a wall, and they’re not alone. Everyone hits a rough patch sometimes, but we are the creators and originators of what happens to us. It takes dedication and like you said “choosing” what our thoughts are, and it does take time. :)

Erika Olson recently posted..6 Step Blog Action Plan


Carolyn Johnson 2:16 pm - 11th February:

Hi Jenn,

What an awesome post. The power of the “I am” statement is transforming. I was discussing with some of my friends this week how important it is to put positive energy into the universe. Thanks for sharing such relevant information.
Carolyn Johnson recently posted..How Do You Handle Challenges


Steve Nicholas 6:16 pm - 11th February:

Great post, Jenn! I tend to use “I choose” rather than “I am” because I find myself saying “No, I’m not” if something isn’t literally true yet. That being said, I really like the way you’ve presented the idea of building affirmations and helping us set our goals.


Emily 1:17 pm - 16th February:

Hi Jen! :) The power of the mind! If only so many people would realize that! Like you said Thoughts become words, words become deeds :) Hugs girl!
Emily recently posted..How to Talk With Prospects


Michelle Morgan 6:06 am - 18th February:

Hello Jen! I love your post it’s very empowering. Thanks for sharing this.


Rob Caldwell 12:22 pm - 1st March:

I think you’re spot on. It all starts with the thought. I think it’s also very important to train yourself how to think; by that I mean, push out the stuff that is garbage and keep the stuff in there that is valuable and then bring in more thoughts that are going to help you improve.
Thanks for the good thoughts!
Rob Caldwell recently posted..Neckties and the Eagle Project


michelle marie 8:47 am - 23rd March:

Great reminder to say “I am” rather than “I want.”
Keeping those positive thoughts and images is paramount – it does take practice.
Thanks for the formula – exactly what I needed to hear at this moment.
michelle marie recently posted..I am Available for Expression


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