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Don’t Give Up! You MUST Pursue Your Dreams… (My Beautiful 6 Year Old Entrepreneur Shares In Her First Video Debut!)

As I sat here in my home office today… I was taken away a bit when my daughter came up to me (with out me asking mind you) wanting to create a video for my blog. She was inspired by what I do each day and my passion for what I share, she felt it was her turn to share something also!

I hid behind the door as she recorded her very first personal development video at the age of 6… and was in AWWW of how this was implemented into her life, how she had really soaked up the Entrepreneur Mindset with the simple reality that her Mommy is pursuing her dreams.

As I sobbed with tears of pure joy and pride… I found an even higher level of inner peace, self awareness as you will. I have been able to show my daughter by simply following my dreams that she can do and BE anything her life… and that you must LOVE what you do! That dreams do come true and heart is the core of happiness.

Before I share with you her very first video debut…. I want to really pass along a message that is dear to my heart and is something many other Parents out there will relate with…

Our children are a reflection of us, they believe in us, they follow in our footsteps until they are old enough to create their own footsteps. They honor what we say and truly take in what we do and show them each day. This is why it is so very crucial that we share them one step at a time as they grow to adults, the true reason we are here… and that is to live with purpose, do what we are passionate about and pursue our dreams. Teaching them that giving back to others is more important than only thinking of ourselves is the ultimate gift we can give them!

By my simple actions each day I have given my 6 year old daughter the COURAGE and FAITH to follow her dreams. She at this age has a faith and a self awareness that is so very beautiful and pure. It is now my purpose to share this with you in hopes that you also help your children become truly aware of their amazing spirit and heart!

Drum Roll Please……

Here is Lexi (My Beautiful 6 Year Old Entrepreneur) in her very FIRST Video Debut! Get ready to be INSPIRED and Pursue your Dreams!

As in My Top 20 Reasons WHY My Children Empower, Encourage and Inspire Me Everyday post… I share the ultimate inspiration of this world! Children are pure, honest beings. There child hood is the learning curve to their mindset… if you can implement the Entrepreneur Mindset into your children’s minds by simply pursuing your dreams. I can’t even imagine what they will accomplish in their life time!

To My Lexi Girl.. You are my angel, my saving grace, my heart. You give me hope, courage and inspire me everyday to pursue my dreams. I LOVE you more than you will ever know and I truly am so honored to be sharing this, as you have proven that success even lies in us from when we are small children. Your dreams want you to pursue them and baby girl… you definitely achieved that message clearly in this inspiring video! I LOVE you and am honored to have you as my daughter! Now it is your turn to pursue your dreams baby and I will be here every step of the way… Love, Mom!

So what did you think? Lexi would LOVE to hear any feedback, encouragement or comments. She truly was so very excited to share this and it was a dream of hers to be on my blog. Please share any encouraging words below. She will be reading this daily to find out who has supported her!

In addition, if you feel Lexi inspired and encouraged you… please pass it along to any social media friends out there! You can also click the cool, little like button at top! She thanks you so very much (she really just told me that!)


Nat 10:52 pm - 22nd August:

OMG this is the most beautiful thing I have seen and read in a long time. How proud you must be of her, I had my girls watch this to and they loved it! They have their own businesses already but this even inspired them!

I can’t even imagine what little Lexi is going to achieve when she’s old enough to create her own footsteps, seeing how she is at 6 years of age is incredible :-) Bless her cotton socks!!!

Lexi – you are so beautiful and I am so appreciative that I seen your mummy’s blog today and met you, you made me smile :-) You have inspired me to keep going with my dreams of creating, YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!
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Ashleigh Towers 12:03 am - 23rd August:

Give yourself a great big pat on the back girl! You’ve done an OUTSTANDING job as a mom and a Mompreneur to have given her THAT much inspiration!

Lexi, we don’t know each other but I am so proud of you! You’ve got a great mom to look up to and to have it clear in your mind the importance of never giving up your dreams! I think so many people could take a look at your video and find it in themselves to go after what they want, even if they gave up already. We need more of YOU, your heart, and your inspiring words to remind us of what really matters! Thank you girl, your mom is proud, and I’m proud to tears of you!


Bren 12:09 am - 23rd August:

This is so sweet!!! Your doing a awesome job with your children!!! you should be so proud!!!,<3


Saz Bailey 2:53 am - 23rd August:

Jennifer, it’s obvious you have a very positive effect on your children! I hope I can achieve the same.

Lexi – you have a great future ahead. Always pursue your dreams, just like mommy says. You can do ANYTHING you want to…..and I can see that you definitely will. We grown ups can learn a lot from you. Thank you so much for your message.
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Nate Holland 7:40 am - 23rd August:

Jenn, that is Awesome! What an amazing little girl you have. Wow, congrats on being a great mom and on the fantastic job you have done with Lexi.

Lexi, very impressive video…Outstanding job! You’ve made my day. Keep up the great work. :)
Nate Holland recently posted..Don’t Be Fake!


Roz 7:47 am - 23rd August:

Wow how cute is this! It’s obvious Jennifer that you have instilled these ideals from early on…you wouldn’t have been able to tell Lexi to say this stuff in front of a camera, it just wouldn’t work! But this is so beautiful! Children often say things so simply but it’s so profound at the same time. You must be BEAMING!!!
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Alison Elliot 11:22 am - 23rd August:

Ok, soooooooooo is she for hire!!! That was totally awesome Jennifer. Obviously you have been an outstanding role model for her. Her ability to be so completely open, trusting, truthful and real in front of a camera speaks volumes about how loved she feels. Indeed it is true “the key is in the kids”!! Please give her a hug for me, she made my day:)
Alison Elliot recently posted..Lights- Camera- Action


Greg Wendt 3:52 pm - 23rd August:

This is all about what Lexi has seen you walk out in your daily life. Anybody can say the words but she has obviously seen you live these words. She’s a cutie and you have a lot to be excited about and proud of. What a future she’s beginning at 6 years old.
I see lots of stages with her speaking and inspiring many people, young and old. She’ll be unstoppable in the pursuit of her dreams.
Greg Wendt


Roshanda 6:07 pm - 23rd August:

Awesome video Jenn!You’re daughters are blessed to have a mom like you.
What we do really does shine through to our little ones. Way to Go Lexi!!…You’re destined for Greatness!! I’m looking forward to your next video :-)


Brenda Freeman 4:02 am - 24th August:

As I said on your facebook page – congratulations on encouraging your daughter in following her dreams.

There is no better gift we can give our children than believing that we are in control of our own destinies.

Well done, and I will keep my eye out for Lexi in the coming years – the new inspirational speaker of her time :)
Brenda Freeman recently posted..Focus on Life Experiences Not “Things”


Susan Goodknight 8:41 am - 26th August:


I am in awe myself watching little Lexi! Oh my how adorable she is! Trinity is sitting here listening to her too. Its amazing that we are able to give our children so much simply by being a work at home mom. They watch and they learn from us and look at Lexi!

I want to fast forward 15 years just to see where Lexi is at! She will go far with her attitude and you are an awesome mommy!
Susan Goodknight recently posted..Welcome


Gerald Gigerl 10:51 am - 26th August:

Hey Jenn,

absolutely amazing video, its so empowering to see how a 6 year old kid got inspired by her mum. Likewise because she sees a positive way in what you do.

Keep up your excellent videos and post so that your daughter will learn endlessly from you!

Have a good day,

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Amanda Marie 7:04 am - 27th August:

Your daughter is SO adorable! You have taught her well Mama! :)
Amanda Marie recently posted..Entrepreneurship Is A Team Game… Or Is It


Karen 6:59 am - 29th August:


Wow, what a great video! I see why you were crying. It’s amazing how children pick up on everything we say or do. You surely are having a great impact on her and she is simply amazing.

Thanks for sharing!!!

God Bless,

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Barro 12:53 am - 3rd September:

Great video!
Speaking of pursuing our childhood dreams…
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Eileen Brigantino 8:05 pm - 4th October:

What a testimony of the example you have been to your daughter! So beautiful. :)

God Bless you.
Eileen Brigantino recently posted..The Course in Mastery Day 17- Self Esteem – United States- MasteryTV Video – Create Wealth Have Fun Help Others


Jennifer May Reply:

@Eileen Thank you!


Dimple Arora 12:07 am - 5th January:

OMG! This is the sweetest thing ever! She is truly so precious and wise beyond her years! We all know that it’s about the upbringing…and for that Jenn, you deserve the utmost credit! I see Lexi doing big things in life. She’s got great beliefs and values right from the get go! I can totally see you in her!



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