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Closing Prospects: How I Closed 61 Prospects In ONLY 60 Days

This is the point in time that you are actually receiving prospects… you have got a list of people to call and you are contemplating what to say, how to word it and how to close the prospect who has contacted you for information on your opportunity. Now you must actually SPEAK to them! How scary right??? Well, I definitely know for me it was when I was starting out. You will only OVERCOME this if you actually get on the phone and get out there and network! Practice makes perfect… if you do not practice, you will never get better. This is a fear many have, so you are not alone if you are one of them (I was DEFINITELY one of them when I was starting out!). Keep that in mind when you go to pick up that ten pound phone… you are calling someone who contacted YOU.

This simple step by step practice below is my base to successfully closing the 61 people in only 60 days. Now with that said, you must remember these are also people who knew me online or found me online… through my marketing strategies I stayed consistent with and implemented I was able to gain the more qualified prospects we as Network Marketers are looking for. So what is so cool about this is that you are speaking to someone who WANTS the information, who contacted you for this information which in return puts YOU in control. (To learn how to successfully bring in the right type of prospects, you will want to subscribe to my Free Training Series).

Before I get into my step by step practice for closing prospects, I wanted to share a quick video with you:

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I know… I know… you are saying get to it already Jenn…

I will layout my entire strategy when Closing Prospects:

  1. Always introduce yourself in a relaxed, friend like manner. Like you have known that person forever. Just assume it is that person. So say it is Jane you are going to speak to… all you say is Hi Jane and then pause, wait for them to respond. They say hi and then you just say “Hey, it’s _________ just giving you a quick call like you had asked. Wanted to just chat with you a bit on what you were needing help with.” This puts you in place of control… basically they had asked you for information, so you are not here to sell them but HELP them.
  2. Once you are past the initial stage of introduction just flow into the conversation. (DO NOT start off with your opportunity) You want to build a relationship with the prospect. In some cases or most if you are doing online marketing or building your personal brand through your blog or online the person will be expecting your call. This gains a more personable base to your call because they have probably already looked at your website, opportunity and known you through your areas online. They want you to call them. With that said do not take that as an excuse to go right into your opportunity… build your relationship and connection first.
  3. The way to build a relationship is to do these five simple things:

*Come from the heart


*Find out their past and experiences (I.E. Life, Businesses, Hardships, etc.)

*Find out about their circumstances now (their WHY)

*Ask them their goals and dreams. Where do you see yourself in two years?

These few things will give you the base to closing a prospect. You can intertwine their experiences, their WHY and their goals/dreams into your close and gain a connection through your conversation. You can relate to them, build a relationship and truly come from a place that CARES about them. They will see this as TRUST. And in return gives you a much higher possibility of closing them.

4. Once you have built your connection and trust that is when you can get into the opportunity.But the key to this is to not do an hour long presentation. I only speak to those who took the time to look at the website, information and videos on the opportunity. So once I have built that base and that relationship, I then ask them if they looked at the website, information or watched the videos.

If they did then great I move along into my conversation with them. If not then I redirect them to doing those things. This shows first, that my time is precious and I do have expectations for those who join me and second, it saves TONS of time. So, basically ask them if they reviewed the information, if not just say “No problem, go ahead and take the time today to look over everything and get your questions jotted down. Once you have your questions we can chat and go over everything to allow you to choose if this is the right opportunity for you. When is a good time for you tomorrow?”

If they do not have time tomorrow, just set up a second appointment when they have time. With that said, if it seems like they are brushing you off just let them know to contact you if they have questions. You only want to take the time to call those back who are truly interested and will not waste your time.

5. Now if they did look at the information… you can get right into answering their questions. I basically just say “Great, since you have looked over the information we can get right into it! Did you have any specific questions for me?” and then just move along with answering the questions and getting them all the information they need to decide if it is for them. (If it seems like they really did not look into it too much then redirect them again back to the website and information. Otherwise, answer their questions and move into the close.

6. Once the questions are answered and information is given… you must actually close the prospect! So with that said, closing is NOT selling. You have already built a base of trust and given them all the information they need. They know if they like it or not and probably did not stay on the phone that long with you if they did not like it or had an interest in joining. With that said… the simple ways of closing the prospect are:

  • Intertwining their WHY and Reasons into the close. So for example you say “Sounds like what we do and represent is exactly what you are looking for because of A, B and C… we would be honored to have you on our team here and we actually have a few openings left this month (They do go fast). Now all we need to do is fill out your application. Then you will be up and running in less than 24 hours. Can I get your mailing address to where we send the checks?” Then move along through the different information on the application.
  • If they are not ready at this point by interrupting you or do not have the money yet. Ask them when they think this will be possible. If they give you a date and time then get their application for that date and time. Then let them know you will enroll them on that date or time, then set up the appointment to get them going on that day. With that said if they do not know… do the next module below.
  • Do NOT get into a selling mode. Get into an UNDERSTANDING mode. There is a huge difference. Basically you just want to let them know that you understand, that either you or a team member has been there in the same financial position (give example if you have one so you can relate)  and that you are here whenever they are ready. Do NOT sell them. This will scare them off. You want to keep the trust and integrity built between you both. Some will get the start up in less than a month, some will have it the next day, some will take a few months to a year, some might not join you just yet but will still follow you. You must always keep that relationship based on trust and remember it might be there for another reason, you never know why they were placed on your path, that person might help you down the road.

7. Once you have settled on either side of the closing then move on. Do not focus nor think about the WHY they didn’t or IF they will join. You must keep on working, calling and building. “If one does not enroll the next one will” type of mindset. But you have to BELIEVE it deep with in you, not just a thought. People will feel your passion, your heart and your trust when you approach your lead in each of these steps and will ensure that even later down the road you will have built a relationship and value in your friendship.

So there you go… Now get on those phones, emails and instant messages and start CLOSING those Prospects! You have got the BELIEF and CONFIDENCE in you, you just need to CHOOSE to bring it out. Remember practice makes perfect and if you never actually get on that phone, you will never be able to master the skill of closing! In addition, remember to COME FROM THE HEART and do not see them as an enrollment or dollar sign. They are a Human Being, a real person and they deserve your true value and passion for their circumstances and reasons! Now go get those Prospects closed!

Your turn… what did you think? Do you have any strategies you use? Please share any feedback or comments below… we always love to hear from you! In addition, if you felt this helped you in anyway or can help someone else, please pass it along to any of your networks below. It is truly appreciated!


Amanda Marie 5:57 pm - 18th August:

Jenn, you are such a network marketing rockstar! Thank you for sharing this awesome information… and I sure am glad to have you on my team! :)

You add so much value to the community. Many thanks!
Amanda Marie recently posted..3 Weapons Of Influence You Should Be Using In Your Personal Brand


Jennifer May Reply:

@Amanda Marie Right back at you girl! And thank you… it is always appreciated! I only learn from the best!


Elise 6:28 pm - 18th August:

Jenn, all I know is, you hit the nail on the head! Great job, people are to be valued and honored and you’d be surprised who will join you later on down the road.


Jennifer May Reply:

@Elise Thank you very much!


Roz 7:50 pm - 18th August:

You always have great tips! BTW your 7 day training series is worth it!!!
Roz recently posted..wwwJennKMaycom ‘s “Achieve 3 Ultimate Goals” 30 Day Challenge! I’m In!!! Are You


Jennifer May Reply:

@Roz Thanks Roz! Truly appreciate it! I put my heart into that series…


Joe Young 7:41 am - 19th August:

Hello Jennifer,
Great post and awesome tips. I felt really good reading it because I actually did that one thing you mentioned last night with a prospect. I found he did not see all the videos, so I directed him back to them, and then to call me back with any questions, which commitment I got.

It is a powerful point because we are actually training them at the same time we are interviewing them for a spot on our team. This is what we will teach them anyway, so why try to explain if they will not take the time to watch. And, as you said, this does put us in a place of trust and leadership. We are not chasing anyone down, we can move on without them, so the burden of proof is on their part, which is as it should be.

It creates urgency in them to hunt down the prospector.

Great and detailed post!

Joe Young recently posted..Think- Before You Copywrite Or Don’t Copywrite At All!


Jennifer May Reply:

@Joe You are so very right about how we are training them before we even enroll them. It shows them how really simple it is… Thanks for the wonderful feedback and contribution!


Joseph Bushnell 2:12 pm - 19th August:

Thanks Jennifer, Closing prospects was a learning curve for me but eventually managed to get the hang of it! Wish I could have read a post like this back then, may have saved me some heartache ;-)


Jennifer May Reply:

@Joseph You are welcome! It definitely is a learning curve for many including myself! Hope it helps many truly understand how to close prospects… Thanks for the feedback!


Gerald Gigerl 5:20 am - 20th August:

Hey Jennifer,

I REALLY enjoyed reading through your post to get inspired from your perspective. You´re SO positive and intelligent and we truly see it by the results you´re creating.

Definitely learned a ton from this post, so KEEP UP creating such valuable content!!!

You are awesome Jenn,

Have a great rest of your day,

Gerald Gigerl recently posted..The Unified Tribe Review – Social Media Expsoure By Up To 500


Jennifer May Reply:

@Gerald Thank you very much. I put a lot of work into this post to ensure those reading understood my perspective that truly led me to success! I appreciate the sweet words and the support… you are always wonderful! Thank you!


Janette Stoll 1:16 pm - 20th August:

All great tips, Jenn!! You’ll close more if you’re first talking/reaching the right target prospect. You don’t have a prospect until someone wants what you have and can afford it. Some of the prospecting tactics networkers use is outright scary.

Today, someone sent me an email: how’s your online business going and let me show you how to get 500 leads”. That’s not a good way to prospect much less close :) .



Jennifer May Reply:

@Janette Thanks! You are absolutely right… Building relationships is truly the successful way of marketing. I am hoping to truly get that message more and more through my blog here! I appreciate the feedback!


Laura Paulson 2:28 pm - 20th August:

Great stuff Jennifer!

This is exactly the mindset/approach you need to have.

When you take the focus off of you and put it onto your prospect where you’re genuinely interested in them and what they want, only then will be able to show them how what you have to offer can get them there.

Thanks, Laura
Laura Paulson recently posted..Create A WIN-WIN For Your Blog Commenters


Jennifer May Reply:

@Laura So very true! You must make it about the Prospect, not you!


Chris Bernardo 3:10 pm - 20th August:


That is awesome and inspirational story proving that anything can be done if you put your mind to it!!Great tips on how to interact and deal with prospects. Looking forward to reading more
Chris Bernardo recently posted..How to get 2 into your Business-Super Fast!


Jennifer May Reply:

@Chris Thank you! You definitely can do anything you put your mind to and when you incorporate value… the possibilities are endless!


Dave 3:22 pm - 3rd September:

Hey Jennifer,

This is a great post, very direct to the point, I just posted a video on relationship yday on my blog. I’m surely subscribing to your blog, would love to keep in touch.


Dave Virdee.
Dave recently posted..Why 19 Out of 20 Prospects Will NOT Join YOUR Business


Anthony McNeil 9:57 pm - 3rd September:

Hello Jennifer,

What I really like about this post is, what you say in step #4.

Very few people online actually talk about the process of introducing their primary company when utilizing Social Media and building relationships.

Well done,

Anthony McNeil
Anthony McNeil recently posted..Maintaining A Positive Attitude- Get Rid Of Your Stinking Thinking


Jennifer May Reply:

@Anthony Thank you! I love step 4 also! I appreciate the feedback! :)


Kayla 3:12 am - 27th January:

Hey Jenn!

Wow… Great post! Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this information!

Closing can be a very scary exercise, and you’ve laid the foundation beautifully here. Not only is it simple and sensible to integrate, but I really appreciate how much you emphasized coming from your heart and seeking to understand your prospect. Plus, building a relationship with them is essential, too.

I love your message. You seem like a great gal!

Thanks for being here and doing what you’re doing!

Kayla recently posted..7 Effective Tips To Maintain Your Inner *SPARK*


Kayla Reply:

By the way, I’m definitely going to study this! ;-)
Kayla recently posted..7 Effective Tips To Maintain Your Inner *SPARK*



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