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Closing Leads: My Exact “SECRET SAUCE” To Closing Multiple Leads

As I was putting this together from a Team Webinar I had recorded earlier today… I realized this would be very helpful to so many others who are running into walls and frustrations when closing leads. I personally spent years wasting energy, time and hours on “presentations” and trying to “close” a prospect. The TRUE way of prospecting is not in the way you present the opportunity but in the way you present YOURSELF.

There are many ways to approach prospecting and closing leads but my absolute favorite is COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART and is exactly how I do and create all that involves my business and life. People follow people not the opportunities they behold (even though that does have a great deal to do with it)… the MAIN component is what YOU bring to the table for that person to follow. What can you give them? How can you help them? Lost Entrepreneurs are searching, becoming desperate for the answer… it is time to be honest, to become passionate and GUIDE others to true freedom through network marketing.

In the video below I am giving you a SNEAK PEEK into how I train my Leaders within my team, how I give personal one on one mentorship, what I feel is necessary for us to embark on to create TRUE success stories in this industry. If we hold on to all of the secrets or what works… it will never be duplicated. Hence, network marketing is the process of duplicating what you can do.

Here is my special “Closing Leads” treat… Enjoy!

Time for us to step up, step out and create results in the network marketing industry. It would be absolutely beautiful to see more and more closing leads more frequently. To show others how they can and WILL create results and success is what we need to be doing as Leaders, as Network and Online Marketers, as Friends.

So what do you think? Do you have any tips on closing leads? Would love to hear your opinion, feedback and comments below!

No matter who, what or where you work within this industry I definitely feel this will benefit you. If not, you know someone it will. Please share with your friends, networks and online venues. You will definitely be thanked for it! (I have the nifty little Facebook and Twitter share buttons above, they would be happy if you used them! hehe)


Richard Petrillo 12:20 am - 5th January:

Hey Jenn,

Great video and advice! I think you’ve left no stone unturned!
Help, educate, and guide as you put it… SO important.
Not being as good at closing as I would like, this video is a huge help going forward.

Thanks again for such great leadership!

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Aldo Gonzalez 1:09 am - 5th January:

Hello Jenn,

Relationship is the best way to grow any business. Once people get to know and trust you, they are more likely to join you. Once you learn how to great build relationships, closing becomes easy.

Thanks for sharing =)
Aldo Gonzalez recently posted..Do You Have a Champions Mindset


Wendy Hewlett 1:50 am - 5th January:

Great advice as usual. The support and training on this incredible team really is second to none. Thank you for all that you do for us Jenn! Both you and Amanda are exceptional leaders and we are truly blessed to be able to learn from the best!!

Wendy Hewlett recently posted..Tips For Success in 2011


Golda Smith 7:52 am - 5th January:

Hi Jenn!

Relationships, relationships, relationships is the name of this game. That takes time, confidence, having posture and a genuine interest in other people. I love the point you make about acknowledging your failures as well as your successes. People want to feel that you care about them and not just your own self interest. Fantastic video Jenn.

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Molly 8:18 am - 5th January:

Jenn, you are a ROCKSTAR girl!

Great prospecting strategies, I learned a lot. I’ve been guilty of listening for WAY too long and winding up on the phone forever, so this really helped me!



Roz Pearcy Reply:

Ha I do the same thing Molly! I’m a great listener (I’m a yellow) but it gets me in trouble sometimes :)
Roz Pearcy recently posted..How to Ping Your Blog Post – WHAAAA I have to PING!


Roz Pearcy 9:25 am - 5th January:

I’m so blessed to be on your team Jenn and learn from you! You are the master at recruiting! You gave some real nuggets on the call and I hope people realize how much you have given with this post! ♥ ya!!
Roz Pearcy recently posted..Online Marketing Strategy- How to Brand Yourself Without it Being about You


Roshanda Gilmore 10:19 am - 5th January:

Hey Jenn!

This training was amazing!! You really nailed the essence of how to REALLY close leads, and it all comes straight from the heart!!

I’m so blessed to be apart of the VIP team and get all this training! Woo Hoo!!! HUGS babe! Love Ya <3!!
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Tristram Lodge 3:23 pm - 5th January:

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for sharing such an amazing training, this has to be one of the most important things to learn. I have picked up some great tips and i know other will also.

Thanks once again.

Tristram Lodge
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L. D. Klippert 6:06 pm - 5th January:


Thanks for sharing. Great video and post. Building relationships are key in any industry.

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Rachael Macgregor 5:14 am - 6th January:

Great video Jenn! Everyone focuses on lead generation but they forget that you have to DO something once you get those leads! Building relationships is KEY to building a big business. Thanks for sharing!
Rachael Macgregor recently posted..Why Loving Your MLM Product May Be Killing Your MLM Business


Erika Olson 1:28 pm - 6th January:

Hi Jenn,

I love how you explain things, very clear and always know what you’re talking about. I always say to my team members “Duplication, duplication, duplication”….it really is the key to what works. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if it works.

Always great stuff, and thank you for your knowledge!

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Scott Ewart 10:33 pm - 6th January:

Jenn, amazing strategies here. You have the most amazing way of making us feel like we can just go make it happen. So simple yet so passionate for all parties. I so appreciate your wisdom and will be using this ‘secret sauce’ to make this year the best yet! Thanks so much for everything you do!
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Alex Martinez 1:41 am - 9th January:

Hey Jenn, great job.
Another thing that really works when closing is probing your prospect to discover their personality type. Everyone has different triggers and motivations. With a few questions you can ascertain theses motivations and this will help you close your prospect. You have a great system of closing, again great job.
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Evielynne Sanchez 2:26 pm - 11th January:

I haven’t thought of doing a video for my blog – I am still in the “CHICKEN” stage LOL… But after watching your video I will now have to get out of my PJ’s and get to working on one… LOVED you video – still ROFL…


Sherry Malcom 1:34 pm - 13th January:

How funny! This is exactly what my opt-in gift is, almost to the T (with a bit of Sherry Flavor of course) And it’s no surprise because I learned everything I know from you, my wonderful leader and mentor. =)
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Karen Marrow 7:41 pm - 20th January:


Powerful stuff here. Thanks for sharing! You are a true leader.


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Delicia Jenkins 3:39 am - 24th February:

Thanks so much for this Jenn. You always deliver.
Delicia Jenkins recently posted..How To Define Happiness


Robert Seth 1:02 am - 6th April:

Thanks for the great advice Jenn. Much appreciated!


Joseph Musumeci 12:56 pm - 13th June:

Great information, I have been teaching this for 10 years. People do not buy the product or the company they are buying you, there trust is in you and they are putting their future in your hands.

I hope people realize this because when you bring someone into a network marketing company to me it is an awesome responsibility we need to take seriously. How many times we here, well this person brought me in but I can’t find them will you help me.
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