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Building A Strong Presence On Social Networking Sites

With Social Networking being the number one way to market your business online now a days, you will want to educate yourself more on how to build a strong presence with in whatever social networking site you are working. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Myspace and even CafeMom are becoming even more and more popular in the network marketing world. These are by far the easiest and most efficient ways to build your home business online.

With that said I want to share with you that building your home business online and through social networking sites is more so about BRANDING YOU as a Leader and Educator, not so much your business. Take for example you are with a home business that is very well known. We know many of them out there that have been around for years. If you are the 100th person on that social networking site marketing that business, do you really think you will get the results you are looking for? Not so much. The reason why is that you are competing with 100 other representatives with that company on that site who are saying the same exact thing you are. So it doesn’t really make you stand out of the crowd, if you know what I mean.

This is where BUILDING YOUR PRESENCE is a key factor to ensuring you are successful growing on any social networking site you are working. Building your presence as a Leader, Individual and Go To Person is going to bring in a much higher response to what you are doing. People will start chasing you down wondering what it is that you do because you are sharing knowledge, wisdom and actual information they can use. You are inspiring them and they want to follow in your footsteps.

This incorporates BRANDING YOU and not your Home Business. Which is an important  factor to your online success. So, say you are with Company A… well when 100 other people are with Company A also on the same site and you are promoting that company it isn’t going to help you so much when you are just talking about that company. The way to bring in prospects (have them coming to you, you not chasing them) is to brand yourself as someone who has information they need or want, you provide the inspiration and resources that will have them thinking… What is it this person is doing to be so successful?

How do I do this? You ask… It is simpler then you think…

Here are the Top 5 Tips of Building Your Presence on Social Networking Sites:

1. Create a Profile that captivates someone. Place things about you as a Leader, Person and Entrepreneur with in your Profiles. Things that will really will attract people to read more about you. Incorporate other knowledge, information and resources that will truly help the person. Inspire and intrigue them.

2. Add Friends that have similar interests. Don’t go around just adding anyone to your friend list. Find the ones who have the same interests as you. Those who will relate to you and what you are doing or that will need the information you have to share. This is much simpler these days with so many options of placing your social networking sites on auto pilot (You can find a few of these types of resources in the Trusted Resources above on this site). So actually finding the types of individuals you are looking for and adding them can be simple as 1, 2, 3.

3. Join Groups, Networks and add those who you look up to and can learn from. Get yourself out there and known! The best way to do this is to join groups, networks and find those who are already where you want to be and becoming a part of their friend list and network. The more you are known in these areas, the more it will help you and your profile grow with in that site.

4. Be versatile in all areas of the social networking site you are working. Get in their and get your feet wet. Participate in group posts, retweet other’s tweets that you enjoy or you think will help the people following you, join networks that have people you want to get to know, go to other’s profiles… find something you have in common or like about them and share that with them, leave comments, etc. There are tons of things you can do create more of a presence.

5. You have to have substance, do not just blurt out “come join my business”. It can be annoying to others. No one wants to hear that, they are more concerned about how you can help them not yourself. Someone wants to know that you are a benefit to have as a friend, they want to know that you are someone that will inspire and intrigue them. Giving substance includes sharing ideas, knowledge, experience, resources, inspiration, personal development and anything that will really attract those around you and networking with you.

These are just a few things you can do to build your presence on social networking sites. I will share more and more as I publish more posts, so keep an eye out! If you take these tips and implement them in your daily routine on the social networking sites you work it will help you indefinitely towards your purpose on that site. Now go out there and socialize!

So what do you think? Was this post helpful? Please share any feedback or comments below… I always love to hear from you! If you can share it with all your twitter and facebook friends it is truly appreciated always! Thanks a bunch!


Kathy Frysinger 9:01 pm - 13th June:

Hi Jennifer,
I am so happy you are doing this. I think the information is great and right on target. I’ve heard it before and it does take a while to implement. We seem to always be ready to talk about what we do first rather than first show an interest in what the other person does. It’s kind of like an interview. In a good interview, the interviewer is always trying to find out more about you, before he tells you much about the company your interviewing to work at. Eventually the person you are speaking with when networking, will turn the table around and ask you what you do. By that time, you will know if you want or don’t want that person on your team, if not you could always ask for referrals. Including myself we have to get used to it and mostly we have to practice it.
Interested in seeing more helpful information.


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Kathy! Thank you so much for the wonderful input and the great advice to others. You truly have great points and that is very, very true that we must find out about the person first before we go telling them about what we do. Building a trust and relationship is so very powerful and the key to successfully building any business. Thank you again for the great addition to my blog and I am looking forward to seeing more of you in our community here. Much appreciated!


Sue Mitchell 8:57 am - 17th June:

Love that you’re emphasizing being known for who YOU are rather than your business. There has to be a personal connection first. Developing your online presence and presenting yourself as a leader also builds confidence, and confidence will improve the performance of your business.


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Sue! I definitely agree with you on how it truly builds confidence… You can become a Leader if you allow yourself to. You just have to open up to learning and growing consistently! Personal connection is such a HUGE FACTOR to your success… great input Sue! I truly appreciate your contribution! HUGS!


Coach Freddie 9:25 am - 13th July:

Hey Jennifer,
Good tips… I’m always looking to improve my profile. I like #4. “Be versatile”… get your feet wet. I’m glad I dropped by.

Coach Freddie
Coach Freddie recently posted..Is Life Really A Game


Jennifer May Reply:

Awww… thanks Coach Freddie! I definitely like #4 also! Happy you liked it and honored to have you here! :)


Jon Ochs 11:48 am - 13th July:

Excellent information Jenn! great advice to anyone looking to improve their social media profile, popularity, and effectiveness.
Jon Ochs recently posted..Stop Trying To Make Money In Social Media And Start Building Relationships


Jennifer May Reply:

Hi Jon! Thank you very much! Happy to have you here in the community and I appreciate the feedback! :)


Megan 10:16 pm - 27th February:

I found this post very helpful and really hit some key points that I didn’t like seeing in other people’s newsfeed.
Megan recently posted..How I got here


Pam Turnerq 6:42 am - 4th January:

I am so glad I came here and glad you are my mentor. I don’t want to be like the others would love to be someone like you helping people to reach for the stars and grab them. Thank you so much for doing this will be here often.



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